GramMarvel: Best Grammar Checkers to Buy in 2020

Copywriting & other writing skills are now being subjected to as a high-income, and this raised many hidden potentials to picture writing as a professional career. But being a writer is not just putting some relevant phrases into a para but about not leaving room for grammar errors. Almost every professional writer (copywriter or book author) opt for digital proofreading tools to drop perfection to their script. In this article, I am going to share the best grammar checker tools for you to deliver error-free scripts to your clients or for your own projects.

Today, there are hundreds of tools that promise to analyze & project errors in your script, but most of them do not offer perfection. If you are choosing a career in writing or already work as a professional writer, then these grammar checker tools can be really helpful for you. We did a comprehensive research on the most popular digital writing tools and came up with ten astounding grammar checker tools. Let us not waste any more of our time and move further to the main subject— List of 10 best grammar checker software.

Best Grammar Checker Tools

Being a full-time copywriter for many popular blogs, I have tried almost all the popular proofreading tools. Honestly, there is no perfect free grammar checker because all of them have limitations, but if you are a professional, then you won’t regret opting for premium ones.

Below here are the 10 best grammar checker tools to improve your script and satisfy your clients to the fullest.

1. Grammarly


Grammarly is the only proofreading software that does not need an introduction, but for the new people in the industry, It is a digital proofreading software that offers a lot more than just grammar checker. Grammarly features two versions; basic (free version) & premium (paid version). The basic version is absolutely free for everyone, but it has certain limitations and to remove those limits the user needs to buy the premium version.

Unlike most of the proofreading software, Grammarly defines perfection processed AI that keeps updating itself dynamic grammar changes. If you are seriously looking for a reliable & effective grammar checker, then Grammarly is certainly the best option to go for. I personally use it for my professional operations and therefore, I strongly recommend trying it once. 

Why Should I Choose Grammarly?

Grammarly is an all-pervasive proofreading tool that works on all the writing platforms like Google Documents, Scrivener, MS Word, and other platforms. Apart from that, it also features a free Chrome extension that covers all the browser-based sites. It also features a Plagiarism tool that adds a lot to its worth and allows the user to compare the script with billions of webpage and deliver 100% unique article. 


  1. Grammarly offers premium writing experience with a smooth, user-friendly interface.
  2. It also measures the tone or style of the speech and helps you gain all the confidence or attention you are seeking.
  3. Grammarly is an astounding & affordable grammar checker that is available for $29.95/month.

2. ProWritingAid

Not being biased, but ProWritingAid is the one that won the hearts of many copywriters & bloggers to deliver error-free articles. ProWritingAid is a potential digital writing tool that works to improve a user’s script alerting about the major/minor grammar and other errors. Like Grammarly, it also belongs to the freemium segment and offers limited features to the people with no premium subscription.

The thing that makes ProWritingAid more reliable is its promising statement of refunding the money if the user is not satisfied the program. A user can integrate it with third party writing software like Scrivener, Docs, & MS Words. Besides, the chrome extension covers all the web-based sites and enhance your writing style. If you are confused between so many potential choices, then you should definitely give a shot to ProWritingAid.

Why Should I Choose ProWritingAid?

ProWritingAid is a fantastic digital writing tool to remove not only the errors but also maintain the premium style of the speech. Plagiarism checker helps you to deliver a unique article that is easy to rank on SERP. Apart from that, the chrome extension is available for all but projects limited errors for the people who did not opt for the premium version. 


  1. ProWritingAid features a premium & straightforward interface that is easily accessible to all.
  2. It does not leave even a single grammar error in your script and delivers grammatically perfect script.
  3. The cost is comparatively affordable than competitors, and you can purchase ProWritingAid at a value price of $75 for a year.

3. GingerSoftware

GingerSoftware is another potential writing tool that has more experience than Grammarly in terms of foundation (it was founded a year before Grammarly) and therefore, it is one of the oldest proofreading software. Ginger is tagged as the only universal digital writing tool because it features more than 41 languages that make it preferable for all.

If you are stuck in any complex sentence, then Ginger will help you rephrase it and deliver perfection to your speech. In the midst of so many rivals, Ginger makes itself unique offering the premium service at an unbelievable price. Yes, you can upgrade to the premium monthly subscription for about $20.

Although it lacks somewhere in projecting minor mistakes, it is the first choice for thousands of copywriters. I recommend GingerSoftware to the people searching for an affordable solution to their grammar errors.

4. WhiteSmoke

WhiteSmoke drops top-notch quality to your speech projecting minor & major grammar errors and project suggestions to improve it. Apart from full proof grammar, it features a spell checker and also enhances the quality of your speech suggesting better synonyms for your sentence.

Like most of the premium grammar checkers, it also features a plagiarism tool that helps the user to deliver a unique article. The plagiarism feature also helps the owner to give a check to the articles sent writers and compare if they copied it from somewhere or not. WhiteSmoke is subjected to as one of the most underrated software as it deserves more social appreciation as it is available at a considerably affordable price.


  1. WhiteSmoke is the most economical proofreading software on the internet.
  2. Although it is available at an affordable price, the premium performance is not affected that.
  3. The interface is enchanting and is easily operated even people who are not much into tech.

5. 1Checker

As the name suggests, 1Checker claims itself to be the ideal checker for proofreading, and therefore, it is a must-try grammar checker for all the professional writers out there. If you own a blog and post regular content articles then you 1Checker is the best grammar analyst for you.

You can use 1Checker on your macOS & Microsoft Windows OS for absolutely free that makes it different from the others. Also, it does not projects creepy surveys & advertisements to ruin the user experience. So if you are searching for a reliable source to improve your script.

6. SlickWrite

SlickWrite is another potential application to analyze your script and get rid of all the major grammar errors. Unlike most of the proofreading software, SlickWrite is 100% free to use and help users to deliver premium quality through their write-up. If you are not a professional and just need to check small scripts, then SlickWrite is enough for you.

Apart from free service, SlickWrite offers a fast performance scanning & projecting the relevant grammar mistakes within a few seconds. I had used SlickWrite for a few months when I started a career in writing but switched to Grammarly because SlickWrite has limited features.

7. Scrivener

Scrivener is a premium program to input documents, notes and other writing data. It is preferred professional authors to write an ebook and other professionals. Apart from the premium interface to write your content, it saves the project on time and minimizes the chances of losing your work.

No blogger will share that Scrivener also offers grammar & spell checks because they want to increase their affiliate sales. I admit that Scrivener is not the best tool to get rid of grammatical errors but neglecting it not just fair. Also, you can combine it with any of the popular proofreading software to deliver a top-notch script. You can try Scrivener for a month without investing a penny, and that makes it more appealing to the people.

8. Reverso

When we dug a little deeper for potential grammar checker tools, then we came across Reverso— an astounding digital writing tool. It is compatible with almost all browsers and therefore, brings a pervasive touch to the program. Reverso is known for analyzing text within seconds and showing all the errors within that.

Recently, it launched a free extension to cover every platform that belongs to the web-based segment. The most pleasing thing about Reverso is that it has the ability to translate the whole text into several popular languages like French, Arabic, Chinese, Polish, Hebrew and many other mainstream languages.

Also, it allows the user to listen to the translation, which is absolutely fun. So if you are making a potential list of best grammar checker tools, then you should definitely add Reverso to it.

9. PaperRater

Like all the proofreading software, PaperRater is built using AI technology and projects all the grammar errors in a script. It offers premium performance with amusing features like Plagiarism & spell checker. Besides, it is available at an amazingly low price of $7.95.

I do not want to drag our topic putting standard features of PaperRater, but it has everything that a digital proofreading software should have to be on the top. If you are doing good in your content writing career but not so good to afford expensive tools, then PaperRater is the best & wise option to choose right away. 

10. GrammarChecker

You already got the idea of this tool its high-level name— GrammarChecker. It is a web-based software that is specialized in analyzing the content and projecting the significant grammar errors. It also features a “Spinbot” to make a copied phrase into a unique one rephrasing it. Apart from that, it allows the user to translate the content from/into many popular languages. If you are looking for a web-based grammar checker tool, then GrammarChecker is the one that ranks on #1 for your query.

These were some of the best grammar checker tools that we handpicked, especially for you. I hope that the rankings satisfied & helped you find your desired writing tool.


Digital tools to analyze and fix grammar errors are trending on the internet because of the increase in demand for copywriting skills. If you do not have any clue and searching for a profitable career, then you must try copywriting as it offers credibility with excellent income potential. Today, I have shared the best grammar checker tools for you to choose and improve your write-ups. I believe that all your doubts & issues are satisfied after this comprehensive read.

But if you have any queries regarding the topic, then please comment below, and I or someone from our team will respond to it within no time. Also, share this piece of helpful information with your friends and help them gain knowledge about potential grammar checkers.

Which is your favorite grammar checker & why? Share your genuine experience with any one of the listed tools.