Grammarly vs Ginger: Which is Better Tool in 2020?

Looking to buy a grammar checker tool but confused between Grammarly and Ginger? Well, today, we have come up with a Grammarly vs Ginger Comparison where we compare the features and pricing of both these grammar software. After reading this guide, you will have a clear winner on which you can put your money on.

So, without wasting any more time, let us begin.

Grammarly vs Ginger Detailed Comparison

Before we begin, I would like to share a few things relevant to the article. A proofreading software is a tool to improve your writing script suggesting better writing style and eliminating grammar & punctuation errors. To attract more users, some grammar checker tools provide more functions like plagiarism, text reading, and many other astounding features. 

Features Of Grammarly Premium

Grammarly Premium is subject to as the best proofreading software available on the internet. It is investing millions in advertising, and that helped it reach people across the globe. Below are some of the major features of Grammarly Premium that makes it worthy of being the best. 

  • All-Pervasive: Grammarly irrespective of operating systems or console works on all the major platforms. You can use Grammarly premium on Windows, macOS, Android & iOS. The web version of Grammarly is way better than the stock software, and that is why it is widely used.
  • Easy to Use: Grammarly offers a straightforward & basic interface that can be easily operated every regular user. 
  • Plagiarism Checker: Unlike GingerSoftware, Grammarly offers a plagiarism checker that helps the user to compare his/her script with billions of live pages. It helps a user to deliver unique & quality script.
  • Covers 97% Errors: Grammarly covers almost all the grammatical errors in a script. The major mistakes that are covered Grammarly are comma splice, misspelled words, weak adjectives, outdated spelling, repetitive words, and comma usage.

Apart from the above-mentioned features, Grammarly offers a lot more like it describes the tone of the sentence, suggests phrases & words, and a lot more. 

Features of GingerSoftware

GingerSoftware is an older program than Grammarly as it was released a few years before Grammarly officially launched. It is widely used teachers & students to enhance their English language. Apart from that, the unique feature of Ginger that is not offered Grammarly is a language translator. Below are some astounding features that are offered GingerSoftware.

  • Universal: Like Grammarly, GingerSoftware is available for desktop & smartphone devices. Besides, the web version makes it more robust and covers a wide range of audiences.
  • Fantastic Algorithm: GingerSoftware features updated Ai technology that projects all the possible mistakes in a script. The errors are not based on single words but on whole phrases that make it a perfect grammar checker.
  • Affordable: GingerSoftware is quite affordable as compared to Grammarly, and that adds more value to it.
  • Translator: Ginger offers to translate features that allows a user to translate his/her script into 40+ languages. In-built language translator is certainly a time-saver as you do not need any third-party application to translate your speech.
  • Text-Reader: As mentioned before, Ginger Software is widely used teachers & students because it teaches a lot of grammar to them. Text-reader will help students to improve their English pronunciations.

Besides, most of the features of Ginger are similar to Grammarly, and that does not require any introduction. 

Pricing: Grammarly vs Ginger

Both Grammarly & GingerSoftware offer services with restrictions to many features for absolutely free. You can access browser extensions and use grammar checkers (with limited errors) for absolutely free.

The monthly plan of Grammarly costs about $30/month and whereas Ginger Software subscription priced at $21/month. 

Besides, if a user subscribes to the annual plan, then the cost will be a lot more economical. Grammarly Premium will cost about $11.66/month (if billed annually.) And Ginger will cost about $7.49/month (if billed yearly.) There is a vast difference between the pricing of both the software, but considering the ground reports, Grammarly is worth the extra expense.

Ginger or Grammarly: Final Pick?

There are not many differences between Grammarly & GingerSoftware, and that makes it difficult for a person to choose one. Obviously, you are not that stupid to subscribe to both software that offers similar service, and therefore, choosing one is mandatory. I have mentioned almost everything about Grammarly & Ginger to help you choose according to your requirements.  

Unlike Ginger, Grammarly offers plagiarism checker tools that make sure that your script is unique. Also, the interface of Grammarly is found to be more user-friendly as compared to the interface offered GingerSoftware. After considering all the aspects, I can assure you that choosing Grammarly over Ginger would be a wise choice. But one should not neglect astounding features of GingerSoftware, and therefore, one should choose software according to his/her requirement. 


Stating anyone of the compared software is being biased, and therefore, we have listed the factual information of both the software. If you do not want to compromise with user-experience, then you should definitely go for Grammarly Premium. But if you are searching for affordable proofreading software, then GingerSoftware wins the race. Grammarly VS Ginger is certainly a tough subject to share views on, but we tried our best to cover everything possible. 

Grammarly & Ginger are perfect in their own ways, and it absolutely depends on your requirements. I hope that this comprehensive article helped you and satisfied all your queries regarding the topic. If you have any personal queries or doubts regarding the subject, then please comment, and I will revert to it very soon. Also, share this piece of information with all the known copywriters, bloggers & other writers and help them choose better. 

Which amongst the compared software did you like the most? Share your experience and influence others.

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