Grammarly vs Whitesmoke Comparison: The Best in 2020?

Digital proofreaders are the new crucial digital tool that every writer, author, teacher, or student should have on their devices. The increase in demand for grammar checkers has increased the competition in the market. It is sure difficult to choose the most reliable from so many choices available. In this article, I am going to draw a thorough comparison between WhiteSmoke VS Grammarly, although the respected tools belong to the same industry, the characteristics of both their own differences.  

We have received so many requests to share our view on WhiteSmoke VS Grammarly, and therefore, we came up with this comprehensive article. If you were searching for a reliable proofreader and confused between WhiteSmoke & Grammarly, then this is the perfect webpage for you. Let us not waste anymore of our precious time on the introduction and move further to the main subject.

WhiteSmoke VS Grammarly Comparison

You, as a reader, should know that I have used & experienced both the respected software programs for more than a month. I have carefully studied their working and features for you to help you choose better. 

Apart from the offerings, I will also compare their pricing & terms that is also a major factor to consider before making anyone as primary software. Being a copywriter, I write a lot, and that means more percentage of errors in the article. With the help of tools like Grammarly, my work became super easy, and I tend to write more numbers of words with accuracy. 

WhiteSmoke is a proofreading software that enhances your content removing errors & other features. It has a basic interface and allows integration with other third-party writing software programs. Similar to WhiteSmoke, Grammarly does its job with quite an accuracy and features a premium interface with astounding features. The features are similar but not at all the same in all aspects.

Let us have a closure look and compare the offerings of each of the respected proofreaders.

Features Of WhiteSmoke

Like all the other proofreaders, WhiteSmoke aims to enhance your content eliminating the mistakes in it. It has a variety of features that help the user to fix the errors and improve. Let us discuss some of the features offered WhiteSmoke.

Operable Interface: WhiteSmoke provides users with an accessible interface that is easy to use for everyone. 

Enhances Script: As said earlier, the main purpose of WhiteSmoke is to improve the article alerting the user about grammar, punctuation, and other errors. 

Style Editor: Apart from the basic error alerts, WhiteSmoke aims to improve the writing style of the article.

Translator: Unlike Grammarly, WhiteSmoke provides users with an in-built translator. As of now, WhiteSmoke features about 50 languages and offers absolute translation.

Plagiarism Checker: Plagiarism checker is my favorite feature offered WhiteSmoke. It helps the user draw a unique script comparing it with billions of indexed webpages. 

Affordable: WhiteSmoke is a more affordable option than Grammarly. But WhiteSmoke lacks stability & accuracy, and therefore, Grammarly is better in quality aspect.

These were some of the features of WhiteSmoke— a proofreading software. WhiteSmoke is available for all major devices & operating systems. Besides, it provides integration with all browsers & third-party applications for a more personalized experience. 

Features of Grammarly vs Whitesmoke

Grammarly is the best grammar checker online in the market because of the astounding features. It belongs to the freemium version of the software programs and offers limited features for absolutely free. 

The interface of Grammarly is superb, and the actions are situated in one place of the screen that makes it more accessible. 

Compatibility: Grammarly works on all the devices & operating systems and helps users improve their English even while texting someone. It is available for Mac, Windows, iOS & Android and works perfectly on all platforms.

Integration: As said earlier, Grammarly is an all-pervasive grammar checker that offers integration with major third-party applications. It also offers plugins & extensions for browsers to cover web-based programs.

Plagiarism Checker: Grammarly provides users with an excellent plagiarism checker that compares the script from all the webpages present on the internet. It is a lot better than what is offered WhiteSmoke. 

Speed & Accuracy: The scanning speed of Grammarly is outstanding as it takes a few seconds to analyze a script of 10k words.

The features of Grammarly & WhiteSmoke are almost similar in name, but they work; differently, Grammarly offers more accuracy & speed, and that makes it a better option. If your main concern is budget, then WhiteSmoke might be better for you, but Grammarly is always a better option. 

WhiteSmoke VS Grammarly Pricing Comparison

There is no doubt that WhiteSmoke is a cheaper option as compared to Grammarly. We all should know that a low price does not make a service/product better. The service is better only if it satisfies the user more as compared to any other competitor.

According to my experience, Grammarly is a better option for people who do not want to compromise with quality. 

WhiteSmoke Pricing

WhiteSmoke is a reliable & trustworthy proofreading software program that is available at an economical price. If you are starting up with your writing profession, then WhiteSmoke is the perfect option for you. 

WhiteSmoke offers two plans, one web-based plan that costs $5/month & the other with full integration with Mac & Windows at $6.66/month. Both the plans should be paid on a yearly basis, and you can opt for a 3-year plan that costs much less than the annual plan.

You can get a web-based plan at $3.44/month & premium desktop one at $5.55/month (if billed for 3 years.)

Grammarly Pricing

Considering the pricing aspect, Grammarly is a little more expensive but totally worth the price. It costs $30/month, but the annual plan will cost about $11.66/month. 

As stated in the above screenshot, it also provides users with a quarterly plan of $20/month. If you are really searching for a reliable & precise proofreading software program, then Grammarly is undoubtedly the best option available in the market.

Final Winner?

Both WhiteSmoke & Grammarly are outstanding proofreader software programs and deliver value to the users. They both have similar features, but the interface & Ai has a massive difference. Sharing from my experience, Grammarly projects more alerts/errors as compared to WhiteSmoke. In this article, I have precisely compared the major & relevant aspects that influence a user’s purchase. 

We hope that this comprehensive piece of information helped you and satisfied all your doubts & queries regarding the subject. If you have any suggestions or doubts regarding the subject, then comment below, and we’ll respond to it shortly. Besides, share this useful information with your friends & other mates who might find it relevant.

My favorite amongst the mentioned software is Grammarly. Which is yours?

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