ProWritingAid Review 2020: Should You Buy? [25% Discount]

Digital proofreading software programs are enchanting authors & copywriters all over the world. There is a massive increase in the number of proofreading tools, and this increase has made it difficult for users to choose the most reliable one. In this article, I am going to draw a comprehensive ProWritingAid review, which is subjected to as one of the best proofreading software programs in the market. You should have a premium proofreading software program if you belong to a writing industry (say copywriting, media & publishing & digital marketing.)

ProWritingAid is a fantastic tool to get your grammar as well as the whole article right without much hassle. Being a copywriter for tons of blogs, I require grammar checkers very often, and therefore, I personally use ProWritingAid. ProWritingAid is a lot more than just a grammar checker as it provides users with many other amazing features. If you are searching for a comprehensive ProWritingAid review, then this script is undoubtedly the last-stop for your concern. Let us not waste anymore of our time in introducing the topic and move further to the main subject.

ProWritingAid Review

ProWritingAid is a freemium proofreading software that means it features both free & paid services. Like all the other freemium proofreading tools, ProWritingAid’s basic (free) version has certain limitations/restrictions that stimulate people to upgrade to premium. 

The thing about ProWritingAid that appeals the most is the enchanting UX & UI that detects errors within a few seconds and recommends the correct word/phrase & sometimes a whole sentence. No matter how well educated you are, it is not possible for anyone to write a comprehensive report without basic grammar errors because humans tend to make mistakes. To avoid these mistakes, copywriters & authors use proofreading software/grammar checkers like ProWritingAid & Grammarly. 

What Is ProWritingAid?

ProWritingAid is a digital proofreading software that aims to enhance your script eliminating basic & major errors. It offers a user-friendly interface with operable & automated functions to help you deliver quality content. ProWritingAid is a one-stop solution for the people struggling to build a career as a content writer or copywriter stream. 

Compared to other tools, ProWritingAid provides similar features as all premium tools are based on Ai technology. But ProWritingAid is available to the users at a more economical price compared to other proofreading software programs. Apart from the premium tools, there are some web-based proofreading programs that offer grammar checking services completely free of charge. But these free tools do not detect most of the errors and also lack in suggesting reliable solutions

Who Should Opt for ProWritingAid?

ProWritingAid is a powerful proofreading software that can be used anyone willing to fix up their writing script eliminating English Grammar mistakes. I have been using ProWritingAid for years, and it keeps upgrading itself adding unique & rare features that are not offered any other proofreading software. ProWritingAid is popular amongst college students & teachers that deal with long scripts & projects. 

Besides, many professionals not only use ProWritingAid but also recommend it to their followers. If you belong to the international business industry, then ProWritingAid will help you to write professional emails & messages.

Below are some professions that should definitely opt for ProWritingAid.

  1. Copywriter
  2. Author
  3. Student
  4. Teacher
  5. Professor
  6. Digital Marketer
  7. Content Writer

Features Of ProWritingAid Grammar /Proofreading Tool

The basic function of ProWritingAid is to improve the user’s content alerting about the mistakes and also suggesting the right word/phrase/punctuation. Apart from alerting about the grammar errors, ProWritingAid does offer some other awesome features that I have listed below.

Good Teacher: ProWritingAid not just projects the errors & suggestions but also explains the whole theory behind it. After regular & consistent use of ProWritingAid, you will soon understand the logic of repetitive errors and learn. It is certainly the best investment anyone can do to improve their personal skills. 

Pervasive: You can experience ProWritingAid on both macOS & Microsoft Windows operating systems. Currently, it does not cover mobile devices, but you can use the web-based (fantastic UX) on all the devices. 

Detects Long Sentences: ProWritingAid detects long length sentences and asks you to cut them short. Long sentences make it difficult for the user to read and badly affects readability.

Plagiarism Checker: Plagiarism is one of the strongest reasons to choose ProWritingAid over free tools. Plagiarism compares your script with millions of web pages and then projects the phrases/sentences that are already published on other pages. It aims to deliver unique content that does not match with any other script online.

Synonyms: ProWritingAid suggests synonyms for the words overused in the script or in a particular section. It has a library that subjects a wide range of words and their synonyms. 

Writing Style: ProWritingAid enhances the writing style eliminating unnecessary phrases and adding quality words. It adds the flavor of professionalism to your script.

The features provided ProWritingAid might be similar to any other proofreading software, but considering all the aspects, ProWritingAid is an astounding program.

Perk: You can opt for ProWrtitingAid’s web-based extension for absolutely free of charge that covers major errors. But the free version projects 50% fewer errors as compared to the paid subscription.

Pricing of ProWritingAid

The main aspect of why I recommend ProWritingAid is that it is available at an economical value price. Unlike other popular proofreading software, ProWritingAid does not demand a hard sum for their service. 

There is no monthly subscription plan, but the annual purchase is cheaper than the 3-month plan of other proofreading tools. Besides, it also offers a lifetime plan that promises to serve you without any interruption or payment due ever. Below are all the payment models offered ProWritingAid. 

Annual/Yearly $52.50
LIFETIME (Recommended)$180

Frequently Asked Questions Related to ProWritingAid

There are so many unanswered questions on the internet that should be answered, and therefore, we decided to answer some relevant queries regarding ProWritingAid.

How to use ProWritingAid?

ProWritingAid is an easy to use proofreading software that aims to enhance your writing script. There are various ways to use ProWritingAid, and I prefer opting for the web-based one. Just visit & login to your ProWritingAid account and paste your script there. It will automatically analyze your script and project major errors. Besides, you can also add a web extension to cover every place where you can write. 

Users can also download the desktop program for a more real experience. It is currently serving Mac & Windows operating systems only. 

Is ProWritingAid Free?

ProWritingAid belongs to the freemium segment of proofreading software programs. In simple words, it offers both free & paid versions of their service. Unlike the basic (free) version, the premium (paid) version of ProWritingAid does not limit the features and shows 100% errors. 

The free version shows errors but only 50% of the whole. So, ProWritingAid is not completely free, but it offers some amazing things for free of cost.

Is ProWritingAid available for iPhone & Android?

This is one of the most hyped queries on the internet, but sadly, ProWritingAid does not offer any iOS OR Android application. If you want to use ProWritingAid on your mobile phone, then you can use it through your web browser. 

Is there any ProWritingAid Discount or Offer?

Yes, ProwritingAid comes up with a 25% discount many times throughout the year. You can always visit our Discount Link to find out the latest offer on this tool.

These were some queries asked most of our readers, but if you have any other issue or doubt, then comment below, and we’ll be back to you within no big time.


ProWritingAid is an affordable & reliable choice for people searching for a budget solution for their proofreading issues. As the name suggests, ProWritingAid is an aid to all your writing problems, and it aims to enhance your script eliminating the mistakes. 

Today, you read a comprehensive review of ProWritingAid, which is an outstanding digital writing tool. I have shared everything about ProWritingAid and believe that there is nothing more for you to search for. But if you have any other queries or suggestions, then comment below, and I or someone from our staff will respond to it very soon. Also, share this piece of useful information subjecting ProWritingAid review with your mates and help them improve their content.

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